Tuesday, August 21, 2007


By Alan Burkhart

OK folks... here's your pictorial tutorial on how NOT to drive:
(Click an image to see a larger version)

This little mishap occurred in Birmingham, AL at the northern junction of I-59 and I-459 (the Birmingham bypass). What puzzles me here is that there's no way the guy overturned due to swinging around the ramp too fast. If he had, he'd have flipped to the left instead of the right. I never found out what caused the crash. Whatever caused it, the result was a trailer load of new fire hydrants spilled on the end of the ramp.

This incident occurred on I-20 near Longview, TX. How? Damifno. It blocked the westbound side of I-20 for about an hour.

This happened today (Aug. 21 '07) on I-10 in Louisiana. Judging from the skid marks, this driver must've dodged one potential accident and ended up in another. It's jack-knifed as tight as any I've seen.

This little car met its demise on I-81 in Tennessee. Probably an electrical fire. Years ago I drove a tow truck, and I can vouch for the fact that nothing stinks like a burnt car. Don't know if the fire department got it extinguished before the gas tank blew.

Lastly, I shot this in an Alabama paper mill. The truck on the ramp hauls wood chips which are used to make the paper. The back of the "chip trailer" is opened before the trucker drives onto the ramp. The driver exits the vehicle, the truck and trailer are secured to the ramp, and then a massively powerful hydraulic lift raises the ramp to dump the contents of the trailer.

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