Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pics from the Port of Mobile

By Alan Burkhart

I've been running locally for the last few months, hauling out of the Port of Pascagoula, MS and the Port of Mobile, AL and delivering to our customer in Laurel, MS. Here's a few shots of the St Cergue, a Swiss flagged freighter that caught my eye today in Mobile. According to an entry at, she's 222 meters long, and packs 34,300 horsepower. Not the biggest ship to be sure, but when you're standing a few feet away watching the tugs laboring to spin her around in the canal she's rather impressive.

And look at all those 40-ft freight containers she's carrying - and that's just the ones on deck. Plenty more down below. From where I was standing, I couldn't get a good image of the whole ship with my wimpy cellphone camera. The truck docks where I pick up are out on the pier.

For a better image of the St Cergue, visit

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Forced said...

On 8/2/08 I was on the Mobile Bay Ferry as the St Cergue was departing. It looks just as impressive out in the open water as it does at the dock.