Saturday, May 17, 2008

Rainbow Cruisers Car Show

By Alan Burkhart

Stopped by the Rainbow Cruisers car show today in Alabama. Lots of cool cars, great food and friendly folks. A guy at the show told me the show takes place the third Saturday of each month from April through October.

If you'd like to check it out sometime, here are the directions: From Birmingham, take I-59 north to exit 181 and turn right. You'll immediately see the Petro:2 Travel Plaza and Austin's Steak House on the right. The show is held in Austin's parking lot. This is near Gadsen, AL.

I won't intrude with a lot of comments here. Enjoy the images of all the cool cars, and do drop by again sometime.


Gotta love those classic Mopars. Ain't nothing like'em!

Slick old Packard 120

Now, one thing here requires some clarification. As you can see, my reflection was caught whilst snapping the picture of the "427" emblem. It must have been a combination of the setting sun, the glossy paint and the curvature of the fender that somehow caused me to look short, fat and pale. I am in reality of course tall dark and handsome. Really. No foolin'.

For a moment I thought I'd seen a pink elephant. That's one big old Caddy!


This beautiful old '58 Chevy was my personal favorite of the show.


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