Saturday, March 31, 2007

Honoring the Fallen

By Alan Burkhart

In a show of love and respect for the fallen and undying support for our troops, a huge convoy of Mississippi state troopers, truckers and bikers gathered to welcome U.S. Marine Cpl. Dustin Jerome Lee home from Iraq. Dustin was killed a few days ago in Fallujah. He was the son of Mississippi state trooper Jerome Lee.

The images were taken Friday (March 30) as truckers gathered along US highway 11 to participate. I was unable to attend since I was already on my way to Denver, Colorado, but my good friends Mike and Patsy Easterling were on hand with their camera. Many thanks to them for passing along some great pics of some fine people.

The convoy of truckers, bikers and troopers escorted Dustin from the air base in Meridian, MS to a funeral home in Quitman. As I understand it, the convoy will also escort him from Quitman to the grave site where he is to be laid to rest today. Mike and Pat were unable to attend today, so the images below are all from Friday.

A fine article about Dustin's passing is posted at the Meridian Star.

Best to all - -

A long line of truckers and law enforcement awaiting the go-ahead to begin Dustin's escort
This image is by Brian Livingston of the Meridian Star. To the right of the honor guard carrying Dustin's coffin, you can see his father, MS highway patrolman Jerome Lee saluting his son.
Bikers (above) and law enforcement (below) gathered to show their respect for the fallen
Truckers from all over the Southeast were gathered outside Key Field to escort Dustin to his final resting place.
Mike and Patsy's truck - waiting in line on hwy 11 outside the base

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Anonymous said...

My name is Mike Easterling, owner operator from Waynesboro, Ms. My wife and I were able to attend the possession for Cpl. Lee, and had to cut it short due to truck problems, but were very proud to be there for the time we were.