Saturday, March 17, 2007

We Don't Know When...

By Alan Burkhart

On March 17, 2007 I was in the Flying J Travel Center near Jackson, MS. I'd just eaten breakfast and was headed back out to the truck. I grew curious when I saw a couple of fire trucks and a police cruiser near my truck, and ambled over to see what the matter was.

Seems that a trucker who was driving toward the exit had suffered a massive heart attack and died almost instantly. He hadn't been moving very fast, but nevertheless his rig drifted into the Volvo tractor pictured here. The trailer caught the front fender of the Volvo and pretty much destroyed the whole right side.

Another driver nearby had been checking his rig over before getting started and had to make a flying leap to avoid being run down literally as the poor guy was dying. He told me he had jumped out of the way, and saw the guy clutching his chest and falling over as the truck rolled by.

No one was hurt, and emergency personnel arrived quickly. By the time I stumbled onto the scene, they were just leaving with the deceased driver's rig. A tow truck arrived shortly afterwards to tow away the Volvo.

Just goes to show ya... we never know when our number is up. Enjoy each day and be grateful for it.

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