Monday, May 14, 2007

Big Friggin' Snake!

By Alan Burkhart

UPDATE: A freeper passed along this Snopes link. While it's a big-assed reptile, the story has evidently grown larger with the telling. Still, it's a good story so I'll leave the post up.

My older brother, who lives in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area e-mailed this to me. Someone else sent it to him. You know how this stuff flies around the Internet. Anyhow, given the amazing size of the critter I thought I'd share it with everyone. You can click on the small snake image to see the full-size image. Trust me... it's impressive. The full text of the e-mail is below. - Alan :p

Next time you're out in the tall grass, remember this one. This snake was recently found at the J & S Quik Mart located just south of RR 3014 Turnoff on Highway 281 south of Tow, Texas. [That's just west of Burnett , Texas ]

9 feet, 1 inch - 97 lbs.
A reminder that these creatures are actually out there and no matter what you believe, sometimes they should get not only prescriptive rights to be there, but the full right of way.

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