Thursday, May 31, 2007

Cool Pics - May '07

Here are some pics I shot in late May of '07. The first 3 are from a Pilot Travel Center in Hayti, MO. I don't know exactly how one accomplishes the total destruction of a chunk of concrete several feet thick. But, someone got'er done. At least he didn't destroy the diesel pump in the process (which is what the concrete is for).
I am assuming that someone backed into the concrete. Had to have jarred the driver somewhat severely. Gives me a case of whiplash just thinking about it.
The next two pics are of I-90 in Montana on Memorial Day. A weak front was moving through, and the light snow and cloud cover reduced everything to shades of gray. I'm especially fond of the second image. Click it to see a larger version.
Before the day was over, I'd seen lightning during a snow storm, and it also hailed on me just a bit. Not sleet. Hail. During a snow storm. Toto, I don't think we're in Mississippi anymore.

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