Monday, August 14, 2006

Images from the Southeastern US

I live in Southeast Mississippi. I've lived in the Southeast since 1998 and I love the people, the weather (except the hurricanes!), and the laid-back pace of life there. This image is on State Route 28 not too far from where I live. Sort of wrecks the tree-huggers' deforestation argument, doesn't it?

This is a shot of the leading edge of Hurricane Lili in 2002 as she approached the Gulf Coast (the outer bands). I shot this somewhat blurry image near Mobile, AL while traveling on I-10. Didn't get caught in the storm itself, although I did catch some of the "spin-off" the next day.

This somewhat embarrassing moment took place a few years ago in Vicksburg, MS. I'd picked up the load of plastic pipe in Texas and was attempting to deliver it when the lift operator made a careless move and created the mess you see here. Nobody was hurt, but it took an extra hour to get it all picked up.

Shot this one while crossing the Mississippi River in Baton Rouge, LA. One of these days, I'm gonna take the time to ride on a river boat. Looks like it'd be fun.

This was shot while crossing the Atchafalaya Swamp bridge on I-10 in Louisiana. The bridge is 18 miles long.

You don't have to go out west for a pretty sunset. This was just outside Atlanta.

This old locomotive sits at the junction of highways 27 and 28 in Georgetown, MS. It's since been "re-restored" but I keep forgetting to have my camera out when I pass through.